World's Smartest Dog Breeds 

As expected, Border Collies are the smartest dog breeds. Friendship, endurance, and loyalty characterize these tireless herding dogs.

Chaser, the world's smartest Border Collie, is remembered. Chaser miraculously remembered over 1,000 object names.Poodles are smarter than others.

They learn new commands faster and obey known commands better than most breeds.

They learn new commands in less than five repetitions and obey known commands 95% of the time, making them exponentially faster learners than the average dog.

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The third smartest dog in the pack, German Shepherds are smart and obedient. 

They learn commands quickly and effortlessly, often with fewer repetitions than other breeds.

German Shepherds are now used as seeing-eye dogs, police dogs, sentinels, guard dogs, search and rescue dogs, tracking dogs, and therapy dogs.

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