Your Horoscope for Today, Sunday, February 11, 2024 

Even if it's a transit that can be fun, if we're not careful, we could get carried away. 

Sign of the Ram Aries, you're experiencing a higher level of spiritual inspiration than normal. 

Unexpected directions may present themselves today in terms of guidance for your emotional and spiritual well-being as well as your mental health.  

Taurus Today, Taurus, your social circles might have a greater impact on you than normal. 

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Actually, you could realize that finding people whose values are congruent with yours is more crucial than ever as the day goes on.  

Twin stars Today, Gemini, your intuition is trying to tell you something—are you ready to hear it? 

Today, if you're open to trying something new, you might feel like you're making headway in overcoming some internal obstacles. 

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