Zodiac Duo Needs Work Before Reuniting February End 

In the same vein as our previous discussions, let's go more into the life-altering paths that lie ahead for Virgo and Pisces, two signs that provide extremely different experiences and lessons. 

The order and accuracy of their environment might provide Virgo, who is driven by the principle of painstaking investigation, a sense of peace.  

Even so, there is a deeper, more tumultuous sea of self-criticism and an unforgiving ideal that no human being could ever aspire to regularly satisfy underlying this pursuit of perfection.  

Virgo needs to accept their flaws as normal and valuable components of being human, rather than as failures.  

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In contrast, Pisces is a master of the emotional and intuitive depths.  

They often feel detached from the real world and its prosaic moorings on their spiritual trip.  

Now is the moment for Pisces to integrate their aspirations with the realities of life, to strike a balance between their expansive inner world and the concrete, and at times, unforgiving, facts of existence. 

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