Zodiac Signs distrust

Due to Moon conjunct Saturn, frustration may lead us to see others as obstacles to our success. 

our expectations let us down, not 'failure'. We blame others because we failed ourselves, which may be too much.

Blaming others lets us judge them, which breeds distrust. Lack of trust results from this equation.

We won't trust anyone right now and will act accordingly. We may know we're wrong, but three zodiac signs choose this path on February 10, 2024.

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You're starting to realize you try too hard to please people you don't trust or 'like.' February 10, 2024 shows you that you may be trying too hard.

You want acceptance from a crowd you don't care about on other days. Moon conjunct Saturn today shows you may be trying too hard.

Moon conjunct Saturn emphasizes your distrust of others, so you may question why you overexpose yourself. 

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