Zodiacs Who Will Experience A Personal Breakthrough In February

This is the month you say enough is enough, Aquarius. The month you realize you’ve been putting yourself through hell, and for no readily apparent reason 

You need to get up, immediately and go take a walk. Breath some fresh air and remember what sun feels like on your face.  

This is the month you need to pick up the phone and call someone, Capricorn. Not a text, or an email, or a meme. 

The way you’ve been behaving during this challenging time is like having a life vest and choosing not to wear it while the ship is sinking. 

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The time is now Capricorn. And the time is now, not because no other time will work, and if you don’t do it now you will forever regret it, it’s simply just the time. 

Delaying these dreams, wishes, and goals is serving you in no productive way. Enjoy your life today, so you can enjoy it even more tomorrow. 

To start to believe that the worst is truly behind you. That while the memory of the experience might always be painful 

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